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I Visa
I-1 Representatives of foreign information
 media and families

The I visa is for representatives of foreign media and their families. The I visa applicant must be a Bona fide representative of a foreign press, radio, or other foreign information media. The applicant must be primary employees of foreign information media engaged in filming news events or documentaries, or employees of independent production companies if the employee. If the I visa applicant is an employees of independent production companies the applicant must hold credential issued by a professional journalist association or if no credential is available because the sending country has no credentialing authority. The I visa applicant must enter solely to engage in vocation and there needs to be reciprocity between the and home country.

The foreign media representative’s employment may include:

  • Television
  • Free lance Media Workers as long as they have a valid contract
  • Representative of tourist bureau
  • Employees of Organizations Disseminating Technical Industrial Information
  • Foreign press includes a foreign press owned by U.S. shareholders if staffed in large part by non-Americans

The I visa holder is admitted for the duration of employment, with possible one year extensions. There is no limitation on the amount of extensions an I visa holder may obtain. There are also no restrictions on adjustment of status. Dependant spouse/children may obtain work authorization.