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About the Law Offices of Bartlett & Associates

My name is Benjamin Bartlett, and I founded the Law Offices of Bartlett & Associates, PLLC, on a commitment to set the standard for immigration law in Washington, DC. When you need an experienced immigration attorney to make sure that your rights are protected, no one will fight more aggressive and insistent on your behalf than me.

With several years of experience in immigration law and an expert staff, I have the tools to get results and secure your justice. My firm has an extensive and intricate understanding of legal procedures, from visa processing to complex deportation that takes years to see through.

When you need to be sure that you are getting the very best legal representation, and not some fly-by-night attorney who is only interested in settling your case as soon as possible, trust the experts at our office to do everything in our power to get the best possible ruling on your case.

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